Wrecks survived with Ride Right

Life Saving Vest

I started using a vest in ’94, when the first company came out with thiers. Around 1997 I traded a buddy of mine for his Ride Right, I liked the deeper arm cut cause it was less restrictive and…I felt it was a more solid, thicker Kevlar. So in Jan ’00, I to a vicious hooking…so hard it left a permanent indentation in the Kevlar. Broke 3 rods and one went through my lung…my wife was 8 months pregnant with our son…I didn’t think I was gonna be around to see him cause by the time I git to the hospitamy lung was 75% filled with fluid. 7 days later I went home. I have always said if I had not traded for a Ride Right……my son would not have his father. I still were Ride Right and always will….plus, with a logo like yalls…..adds the most important protection. God bless you.