Our History

Nearly twenty years ago Rex Thain was working in a corporate job. Like many in the business world, he was grateful for the chance to provide well for his family, but increasingly unhappy with how little time he was able to spend with them because of it. Finally, he and his wife, Sherry, decided that they would launch their own business from home. Deciding what that business would look like became a lot more urgent when Rex lost his corporate job shortly after making that decision.


Rex began working part time with some friends who owned a rodeo-gear supply company. The timing couldn’t have been better, as the first protective rodeo vests began to appear on the market shortly thereafter. But Rex was disappointed to see that customers were forced to decide between vests that were either prohibitively expensive or too ugly to enjoy wearing. Following God’s direction, he decided to attempt to create his own vests that would look great, work better, and cost less. He quickly developed a prototype of the protective framework for a vest that would provide rodeo athletes with a new level of safety in the arena. But things finally came together when a friend pulled a western cut vest out of her closet and said “if you can make the stuff inside your vest fit inside this vest, then I think you might really have something.”

Rex and the Ride Right team have been improving their designs and expanding their catalog ever since, but the company’s mission has remained the same: use the highest quality materials to create protective vests that keep riders safe, and looking great.